Why you have to choose Data Science as a career

2 min readOct 13, 2021

At the present world very large number of students are aiming to became an Engineer, doctor, charted accountant etc. Why they should not take a career in Data Science, is it essential for their life? If they have decided to take a career on Data Science, how would they explain about this to their parents? What are the things to be learnt to handle a career in Data Science.

Data Science remains one of the top three career choices for 2020. Data Scientists noted that job postings are from companies in a variety of industries, not just technology.

Mckinsey global institute warned “huge talent shortage for data and analytics by 2018”.

What motivates someone to take a Data Science career?

If you have desire to work with data, enjoy coding, have no problem in learning mathematics and statistics and you are a good story teller of your work process you can excel.

When you are seeking into a Data Science career ensure that your skill set matches the role you are targeting.

Data Science for high school students:-

Learn how to program and learn mathematics. Take a course in probability and a little of statistics or write and build some computer models.

If you are in a high school get familiar with databases, start learning SQL, start thinking about Computer Science if you had it in school, and choose ways to foster your creativity and curosity.

What would you say to parents about Data Science career?

Encourage about curosity to your parents and also about experimentation.




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