2 min readSep 26, 2021


Data Science is processing to solve any problem of the world.

Here I am going to share two scenarios, both of them are different and they are solved with the help of Data Science. There are lots of problems to be shared but these two scenarios are difficult to handle. The Data Scientists team who helped to handle those situations used many Data Science tools and key strategies. Data Science is a tool how we handle to solve problems of the world.

In transport, Uber collects real time user data to discover how many drivers are available, due to this monthly hours lost increased. How to reduce the hours lost is the problem?

With the help of Data Science, Toronto Transportation Commission analyzed customer complaints. They use probe data to understand traffic performance on main routes. They created team for planning, operations and evaluation. Focusing on peak hour clearances and mostly congested routes. By this monthly hours lost reduces.

Fresh Lakes are necessary for drinking purposes. But harmful Cyano bacteria are present in it. How can we measure them?

A Scientists team is using Robotic Bots and camera equipped drones to measure presence of cyano bacteria for the welfare of society.

Data Scientists can help organizations by:-

  1. Understanding their environment
  2. Analyze exciting issues
  3. Reveal previously hidden opportunities.
  4. They can use powerful Data Visualization tools to understand nature of results and recommend necessary actions to take.
  5. They have different approaches to the world.




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