2 min readOct 18, 2021

What’s the term Machine learning refer? How many types are present and what are they. Whether Machine learning is a subset of Artificial intelligence? How it makes accurate predictions? They play a very vital role at the present world. You can definitely read this post you won’t get disappointed.

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial intelligence that uses computer algorithms to analyze data and make intelligent decisions based on what it has learned, without being explicitly programmed.

They do not follow rules-based algorithms. They make accurate predictions.


SUPERVISED LEARNING:- An algorithm is trained on human-labeled data. The more samples you provide to a supervised learning algorithm, more precise becomes classifies new data.

UNSUPERVISED LEARNING:- It relies on giving the algorithm unlabeled data and letting it find patterns by itself. They provide the input but not the labels. This will be useful for clustering data.

REINFORCEMENT LEARNING:- It relies on providing a Machine learning algorithm with a set of rules and constraints and letting it learn how to achieve the goals. They define the state, goals and actions.

The algorithm figures out how to achieve the goal by trying different combinations of allowed actions and it is rewarded or punished based on the decisions.

eg:- chess.


Problem:- What if we want to determine whether a heart can fail?

Given data sets are Beats per minute, body mass index, age, sex etc.

With Machine learning given this dataset, it is able to learn and create a model and predict results.

Machine learning takes data and answers and creates the algorithm, we get a set of rules that determine machine learning model, that model determines the parameters in a traditional algorithm. This model can be continuously trained and can be used in future to predict values.




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