Introduction to AI

2 min readOct 4, 2021

What is AI? There are many definitions present in today’s world but what it actually means, what are it’s types. Is really AI applicable to any field, these things are to be known as they are the future. You can definitely read this post you won’t gt disappointed.

AI is anything that makes machines act more intelligently. AI:-AUGMENTED INTELLIGENCE. With AI, we are putting information that subject matter experts need at their fingertips so they can make informed decisions. Human beings have innate intelligence that governs every activity in the body. How does AI learn? The only innate intelligence machines have is what we provide them.

We provide machines the ability to examine the examples and create machine learning models on the inputs and desired outputs. Based on the strength, breadth and application AI can be classified.Types of AI:-

WEAK or NARROW AI:- It is applied to a specific domain for example:- Language translators, Virtual assistants, Self driving cars, AI powered web searches, Recommendation engine, Intelligent spam filters. Applied AI can perform specific task but not learn new ones, making decision based on programmed algorithms.

STRONG or GENERALIZED AI:- It can interact and operate a wide variety of independent and unrelated tasks. It can learn new tasks to solve new problems and it does this by teaching itself new strategies. This is the combination of many AI strategies and can perform at a human level of intelligence.

SUPER or CONSCIOUS AI:- It is with human level consciousness, which would require it to be self aware.

CS and electrical engineering determines how AI is implemented in software and hardware. Math and statistics determine viable models and performance. In AI, brain work, psychology and linguistics play an essential role to understand how AI works. Philosophy provide guidance on intelligence and ethical considerations. As far as now only narrow AI is possible, the other two are beyond the reach of machines.




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