Impact and applications of AI

AI is useful to people for many wider applications. Different people think differently about AI. Can AI be helpful to doctors who are providing treatment in healthcare? AI can change our approach to the world. Impact of AI is to make our work finish easier for individual purposes and for each and every industry.

HOW AI IS VIEWED:- For a video game designer AI means writing the code that affects how bots play, how environment reacts to the player. For a screen writer, AI means a character that acts like a human with some computer features mixed in. For a Data Scientist, AI is a way of exploring and classifying data to meet specific goals.

FEATURES OF AI:- Chat bots are being used in healthcare to question patients and run basic diagnosis like real doctors. Customer service chat bots are improving customer experience by resolving queries on the spot. AI powered advances in speech to text technology made real time transcription. AI algorithms that learn by examples is the reason that we can talk to alexa, watson, Siri etc and they can talk back to us.

APPLICATIONS OF AI:- Computer vision is the reason why cars can steer their way on streets by avoiding obstacles. It can detect facial features and images and compare them with the databases of face profiles. It can detect cancerous moles in skin images or finding symptoms in X ray and MRI scan. AI can remind us of our important events.

It can monitor our investment, detect fraudulent transactions, credit card fraud and preventing financial crimes. In healthcare, by helping doctors arrive at accurate preliminary diagnosis and reading medical imaging and making operational process less expensive. AI can imitate humans and can access enormous amounts of information.

I am an engineering student, interested in Data Science, AI and its related fields. This is a blog where I share my learning experience.