Cognitive Computing

What is meant by the term Cognitive computing? It is one of the most interesting and exciting thing to know about in the present world. This post is consists of the features of cognitive computing and its brief explanation. Does the decision taken by cognitive computing is similar to human decision making process.

Conventional computing solutions based on the math principles that emanate from 1940’s are programmed based on rules and logic intend to derive math by precise answers.

Human takes decision in four steps. They observe the visible phenomena and bodies of evidence, They generate hypothesis, whether hypothesis are right or wrong, and choosing the best option. (OBSERVATION, EVALUATION, DECISION MAKING)

COGNITIVE COMPUTING:- It enables people to create a profoundly new kind of value, finding answers locked in volumes of data.

Cognitive systems use these similar process to reason about information they read and they can do this at massive speed and scale. It can also understand unstructured data.

It rely on Natural Language Processing, which is governed by rules of grammar, context and culture. It read and interpret text like a person, they do this by breaking down a sentence grammatically, relationally and structurally.

They try to understand the real intent of the user’s language, through this process. It also make linguistic models and algorithms. They do this by learning from interactions.



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